desert-mts.0056“A life strategist is someone who loves people and understands the importance of developing a powerful mindset to apply to everyday life. A strategist teaches lifelong tools and perspectives to strategise a clear plan for results and change to be created in one’s life.”

Suzanne is a gifted Personal Life Strategist and personal mindset mentor.  She is dedicated to coaching her clients to achieve effective, lasting results. Her philosophy is based in science, and her sessions include tracking measurable results. This is why she offers programs with consistent personal coaching methods. These sessions help each client develop a productive, fulfilling mindset that creates lasting change in their life.

 Offering strategic guidance for career path personal mindset growth,
relationship development, divorce, and retirement.

Suzanne has been coaching for over 20 years, within many different industries. She has mastered her professional techniques, tools, and intuition, and can quickly identify areas that need the most attention. She is in the process of earning her Doctrine in Metaphysics and Science of Mind. 

Areas Suzanne specializes in:

• People with conflict or “dullness” in their relationships
• Couples coaching
• Assisting parents with teen children
• Assisting with gaining new perspectives and bringing “truth of feelings”
• Helping people wanting to create a new identity with one’s true self
• People lacking clarity of purpose, without a clear vision
• People having a difficult time identifying where they truly are, or how to get where
they want to go
• Those facing difficult career choices, helping them find solutions
• Wellness coaching and mindset, mindful work/self awareness
• Sex appeal
• Returning to balance
• People suffering in fear
• Helping people see beyond their obstacles
• How to live by a standard and not by your emotions
• Empowering people and assisting them to see their true value and what they can
accomplish now.

upcoming-events1Suzanne is an energy reader/ clairvoyant. And she is helps people read their limiting beliefs, then gives them the tools to release themselves.

She teaches people how to be more compassionate with themselves, and to see things with a new, fresh perspective.